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Do Notes get persisted to the Database?


I’‘m currently evaluating Openfire Enterprise with the Fastpath plugin. When using the Spark client to chat with a user via Fastpath, there is a Notes field in the window which is very nice. I’‘d like to know whether the text entered in the notes field is persisted to the database at all (I’'m using the embedded db for evaluation purposes, otherwise I would look myself). It would be very helpful if this were the case, especially for integration with our Incident Tracking software. If I could query a MySQL DB for the notes section, I would be able to write a script that would integrate it with our current software. Thanks!


Yes the notes are stored within the database and added as part of the search query.



Hi, Derek,

Where within the datbase are the Fastpath notes stored, and what do you mean by “the search query”? We’d like to be able to expose the notes in a CRM-type system we’ve created for ourselves.



Here’s what Scott from Jive support just sent me on this:

“In the Openfire Enterprise database with Fastpath installed, there is a table called “fpsession”. This table has a field named “notes.” When you participate in a Fastpath session with Spark, if you enter any text in the Notes tab, that text will be saved in this “notes” field on the “fpsession” table.”

They are exactly where he said they are.

yes, it’s stored.

How long does it take for Fastpath notes to show up in the notes field on the fpsession table? Are they stored in a queue somewhere, like in smartcrash or something? ?:expressionless: