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Do the servers in a cluster need to be geographically colocated


If I plan to deploy multiple Chat servers in a cluster for providing High Availability, do the servers in the cluster need to be geographically colocated or can they be geographically dispersed?

How can I realize a configuration where the servers are geographically dispersed and in the same domain?

Hi msmurty,

Geography doesn’t really mean much, it is all about the network. 1 meter apart can be the same a 1,000 km if you have a network setup to support it.

The answer to your question is how you have DNS / clients / load balancer setup. For example, you could have round robin DNS pointing to each of your servers, but that is sort of clunky. You could have a load balancer frontend, that distributes clients to Real Servers. I am sure there are other ways.


This is what I have in mind

ServerMain and ServerSmall are the servers to which the clients connect.

Under normal conditions all clients would connect to ServerMain.

When ServerMain is not accessible, then a small set of users User1 thru say User50 connect to ServerSmall.

DNS SRV records can be set up to point to ServerMain with higher priority and ServerSmall with lower priority. Is it possible to do something similar with the databases? Also is it possible to setup a DatabaseMain and DatabaseSmall where DatabaseSmall has records of only User1 thru User50 while DatabaseMain has all the user records?