Do the spark integrate other software , for example Open-xchange?

when i run will wildfire and Spark, everything is ok for example dial action (when * is running).

But the open-xchange is ok. how to integrate Spark into the Open-Xchang…

please help me or please give me some advice on this problem.

thank in advance.


What integration are you looking for specifically? We’'re always interested in hearing about what requests people have.



i think some people is vary interesting the web page format , and don’'t install spark in computer. So i can offer a computer as a server installing OX (open-xchange) , we can do our documnet ,knowledge area, and project paln. so we can login in the OX web page , use the every integrate in the OX .

OX offer to integrate wildfire server. So i want to integrate spark client into the OX . or i can use the icons as contorl spark. but i don’'t how to solve it.

please give me some adive some method solve it.

thank in advance.

if you give me some code , i will very thank your.


as far as I can see OX offers a web gui for all users for email, calender, … so you may want to use a web based chat and not a fat client like Spark. Wildfire 3.2 will support XEP-0124 (HTTP Binding) so there may be a web based client included.

There are already 3rd party web clients like JWChat and MUCkl which should work fine with Wildfire 3.2.

As you did mention Asterisk in your first post I wonder if you are interested in using “dial” functions.


hello , i mean the " dial" is only button in the web page that shows icon .And using the “icon” button , we can running the Saprk.

But i hava another problem in my looking spark source code and the Asteirsk-IM source code.

I think the Saprk only offer user testing dial example. Ans Asterisk-IM code is not complete.

And some functions , it must out to add code.

what do you think???

thank you advice advance.