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Do we have spark web messenger?


I am new bee for spark client. I am a marketing and research consultant for a company. They have assigned me login and server address for spark IM client. I keep changing my computers and laptops. I would like access spark IM client via webbrowser.

For example: we login to www.webmessger.yahoo.com instead of login into yahoo messenger in pc.

Please suggest me best soultion to login to spark client through browser.


There are some sites providing web clients for different networks. You can try them, if you think you can trust your credentials for them, like http://www.meebo.com/messenger (Jabber button).

SparkWeb should be installed on a server and configured to work with your Openfire server, but this is a hard task to make it working outside the network. Btw, Meebo won’t let you login automatically too if your server is not accessible from the internet.

I tried with meebo. But meebo does not have option for spark client.

Spark is a jabber client, so you should try a jabber button at meebo page.