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Documentation for Windows / MS SQL / Active Directory / Integrated Auth

I have nearly finished off the docs I have done for work on my implementation of Wildfire with Pandion.

Just wondering if I cleaned it of all identifiable information whether anyone there at Jive would want a copy of it for distribution out to the rest of the community?



P.S. I don’'t need permission from work to post, so no copyright / IP issues. It was all done on my own time.

Added PS in case someone thought they might get into trouble.

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I would be very interested in seeing your docs. Ive been trying to get single-sign-on working well with Wildfire for some time now, and any consice documentation on active directory would help at this point (Im a Unix guy, myself).

I would be very interested in seeing your docs[/i]

OK, send me a private message with your email address and I will sanitise the docs either tomorrow or monday night and send you a copy.

BTW, I am using the Pandion client for single sign on to AD.


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please send a copy to me…

Thank youin advance


As above.

i was not able to find out ur email address to send a pvt message…

if possible send a copy to my mail ID "updatemyself@gmail.com"

thanks you


Just a quick note to say that it’‘s been a really crap work at week this week and I haven’'t had a chance to scratch myself let alone update the documentation.

Sorry for the delay, I will get back to you all shortly.



Finally I have something in order.

I have put it out as a PDF, if you have any changes, can you feed them through me for the second? I will put it up in word and open document formats shortly, just want to get the bugs out first.

My email address is berny@technology.net.au


Many thanks for Norman Rasmussen, who without his help this would never have been possible.


Wow, extremely well documented, I was able to get a Wildfire/Pandion setup rolled out in a matter of hours, with complete AD integration and auto-login upon Domain Login.

Thank you very much! I hope this code makes into both products.

The next thing on my todo list is to incorporate the py gateways for access into external networks as well as documenting how to split up wildfire to run on multiple servers for redundancy and load balancing for larger installs. What I would like to do would be to get a module written so that wildfire automatically registers the SRV records using dynamic DNS as well. I know the APIs are there on the Windows 2000 and above platform, I just don’'t think that java supports this at the moment, either way I will find a way to come up with something…

I am of the thought that I might have to re-package some of the py gateway stuff and write some scripts for automated install of everything. Either way though, this isn’'t high on my priority list right now, so I will probably get around to this sometime in the next month.

I would also like to get access to the Pandion install source so that I can get an MSI built for deployment using Active Directory and maybe get some admin templates written so that the Pandion client can be configured using Group Policy. If anyone knows the people who write the Pandion client to see if they would be interested in this happening with their project please let me know.


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I have included the userAccountControl query into the documentation for removal of disabled accounts from the search results.

Check the website for the updated documentation.

I also setup an annouce list so that anyone who wants to get the updated doco: