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I’'m wondering if anyone knows the best way to get the updated HTML documentation from this release into the help panel in Flash MX 2004?

Any suggestions?



Copy the XIFFLibrary folder from the help into:

C:\Documents and Settings[username]\Local Settings\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash MX 2004\en\Configuration\HelpPanel\Help

Then restart Flash.

  • Sean

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Thanks Sean,

That does the job. I assume that you will package this up as an MXP extension once the non-BETA version is released. Also, with this in mind, I do like being able to control where I put the class library as opposed to the older version you released that put the files in the global class path.

So, my preference would be to package the help files as an MXP separately from the classes and example files.

Just my thoughts on the subject, take it or leave it.



We are currently investigating a way to automate the MXP extension generation from a build standpoint, plus just a better way of installing the library. Thanks for your input and if you have any suggestions on automating MXP generation, please let me know!

  • Barry