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Does anyone else see this?

I have a list at the top of my roster in Spark that lists the total number of users online and displays their name. It appears that I am the only one (besides everyone else at my company) that has this Online list shown below. It is the part that says “(27 online)” right above the Admin group.


Does anyone else have this?

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it seems that no-one else has this…


Odd…I haven’'t done anything out of the ordinary with installing Spark or Wildfire.

This is the 3rd server I’‘ve installed Wildfire/Spark on and I’'ve had this Online list everytime.

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I assume that you did never change the database, so maybe you can get rid of this if you use the export/import plugin. Or do you see this even when using a fresh (e.g. the embedded) database?


I remember seeing this on our Spark in the past, but don’'t see it now. (after upgrading to spark 1.1.4 and Wildfire 2.6.1)

What version of Spark and Wildfire are you using?

The last time I had some issues, I totally reinstalled Wildfire. Deleted the DB and removed the application.

I did use the import/export plugin to recreate my users.

I’'m on the newest version of both. Same as you.

I have a new theory…

Do you have Wildfire set to add new / all users to a default group, then you manualy add users to the other groups (Business Devolopment, administrative…ect?)

I looks like where the (27 online,) is there is a group that is not expanded, I’'ll bet that if you were to expanded that top group you would see all the users that are members of all the other groups.

Then go into Wildfire Groups and I’'ll bet that all users are members of a default group with no name AND their other respective group.

If I remember correctly I redid / renamed my user groups about 3 months ago, I’‘ll bet that’'s when I lost this also.

(Wow, I’'m doing a lot of betting here…I might have a problem…lol)

To test, open the Wildfire admin console, then go to the users/Groups then registration properties, and then check / change the default user group name.

I’‘ll have to check that out, but I didn’'t think I had it set to add to a default group, though that makes sense.


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Thanks to all the people who helped me during the Wildfire chat yesterday. My problem has been solved!!!

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Hi Oleg,

I did follow only a little bit of the chat, it would be nice to read here how the problem was solved (deleting some database entries).


Well, i dont know either. So ewto16 can post some summary post describing how has he solved the issue and finally close this thread.

In xml trace there were sole tags in every contact’'s part. This were causing problems. I left the chat before the problem was actually fixed.

Someone in the chat suggested that I post my XML transcript and they noticed that I somehow had empty group listings in some of my contacts in Wildfire.

Based on that, they suggested that I go into the jiveRosterGroups table and delete all of the entries from that table that had a blank group name.

I deleted all of those entries and that eliminated the blank group.

Not surprisingly, I received numerous emails and calls asking where that group went and requests to have it back, since by default it was providing an alphabetical listing of all (or most) of the users online.

So then I had to create a new group and add everyone to it.

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