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Does anyone know the causes of this error

please see my attachment
hs_err_pid1160.log.zip (4254 Bytes)

This is not a good way to ask questions. You should be more specific, tell about what problem you have, not just giving some log and making us guess what’s wrong.

All i can see is that the old java is in use, so you either have it installed on your system or you are using old Spark installer. Use the latest and report only specific problems. http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/spark/dailybuilds/spark_2_7_0_653.exe

thank wroot ,you give me the new link of spark software. currently, i am using ver 2.6.3

wroot,why don’t you give us the new link of spark,i mean there is a link for 2.6.3 version but i don’t see the new link for the newest ver of spark

If you mean that there is no link for official Spark 2.7.0 version, thn it is because there is no official release yet, and i can’t say when it will be. When you go to Spark download page, press on the link Nightly builds and you will find latest builds there.

wroot :



can you explain about online spark?can we use our yahoo ID in online spark??

Online only means it doesn’t have java included and installer is smaller. But it is easier to use the full installer, so you don’t have to worry if there is java on the computer or not. Both version works the same and there should’t be any difference. Not sure what you mean by Yahoo ID. You can’t login using Yahoo ID directly in the Spark.