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Does Anyone Profesionaly Install?

Where could I find information on having JIVE messenger Professionaly installed on my server?

I want to customize the app, and it needs to message to MSN, AOL, Yahoo & Bloomberg.

I run a Linux server…


What do you mean “professionally”?:slight_smile:

Jive Messenger doesnt support other transports (MSN, Yahoo, etc.) yet. It works only with XMPP (jabber) now.

There is a documentation on this page or in the installation package, so you can find installation tips in there. If you have more questions you can always ask in forums.

Linux. What distribution?

We are running, Linux 9.0. Although Jive does not support MSN, Yahoo, AOL, etc… transports, I thought since it worked with XMPP, that it could be made to work…

Also when I say professionaly, I simply mean install it on my server so it works the way I would want it to…


Linux 9.0? Maybe Red HAt 9.0?:slight_smile: As i recall someone is working on MSN transport support alredy. I think developers could comment this better.

Second, do you mean someone to install Jive on your server manualy?:slight_smile: Or you just want some instructions about it? You can start reading documentation:


And then you can describe how you want it to work, ask questions, describe your problems here. And forum visitors and developers will try to help you out;)