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Does anyone want to try my prototype

XIFF example


If you test it please leave a screenshot below so I

know it’'s working. I have been updating and change somethings and I have not gotten any IMs since that change.

Smack Applet example


Thanks dan

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There were a few other prototypes i remember. But this one looks clean and usable already. Though a little small chat windows, unless it should fit in some website scheme.

Anyway, good job. Could stand in line with Xiffian

one strange thing, after connecting to this chat all other text fields in my Firefox losed focus. Couldnt type anymore anythere.


I believe that is a function of firefox.

A ringing endorsement is something I did not expect. Thanks Vilnius!

So far many people have asked for VOIP solutions. How can I start on this? Any examples

I could follow?

What if I could side step XIFF and borrow the connection for other protocols like SIP protocol. I guess it goes through the jive messages to I guess it would have to added

on that end.

Keep the ideas flowing, Dan.

A ringing endorsement is something I did not expect.

Thanks Vilnius!

Though Vilnius is the name of city i’'m living in, but you are wellcome

Let me know if it works

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Shouldn’'t your custom ringer have its own namespace in the message packet that you are sending other clients. How do other clients outside of your client know what to do with the ringer message?


They simply don’‘t and I don’'t think adding a namespace will have any effect. It was just a placeholder for other things. It would interesting to add a namespace which load things in general from the web.