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Does anyone want to try my prototype ;)



made for speed

Commands available -

/color on - chat system slows down

/color off (default)

/font large

/font small (default)

/personalmsg (nickname) (message)

well, messages are showing in front of nickname, or beginning of message. Sometimes messages are cut. If i try to write “test” it shows only “tes”

thanks~! and…

oopsie doopsie~

i translated the source code which was done in korean by me, to english, messed up some code i think ^^

the original code works fine. i currently have it live on one of my sites which has about 8~15 concurrent users using it continously during daytime. they love it

i tried a test by adding the chat to EVERY page on my main site that gets average 0.5 page views per second 24 hours a day(probably peak page views per second is at least twenty times that). unfortunately wildfire can’'t handle such an amount of connections with about 250 concurrent users in the same room! so i had to remove it. no wildfire crashes… and server load is remarkably ok… only the room freezes. other rooms on the wildfire server are okay, but the whole wildfire server froze every few hours for a couple of mins. my theory is maybe garbage collection? maybe io blocking/thread deadlock? i have no idea…

anyways many thanks to xiff, xiffian devs~

i’'ll fix the english version and reupload it when i have time ^^

Fixed the bug…

My system was getting confused with true anonymous users logged in as Anon_### and users logged in as Anonymous…

And as a follow up… upgrading to the newer Wildfire server…

the chat room freezes that lasted minutes to almost an hour are now gone.

still there seems to be some thread dead locks somewhere as the chat room freezes for a couple minutes every few days.

the newest wildfire server still has problems with automatic disconnects(disconnects idle clients every 30 min. no matter what the settings are)

You going to ever release your source code for your chatroom?