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Does jabber protocol work like smtp?


i am sysop on small internet company.

And i want to know if jabber protocol work liike smtp ,let s me explain :

if i have 2 jabber server one is example1.org and other example2.org

can user john@example1.org send IM to rocco@example2.org .

Does the server example1.org try to establish a connection to example2.org ?,

perhaps based with the mx record in dns .

I if it not do this my question is why ?

Sorry for my poor english .

And thank you for your answer .

I go to find some answer of my question over internet

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Yes, as long as both servers support server-to-server communication, and the DNS is correct. Jive Messenger supports server-to-server communication.

ok, thank you for your response ,i have find answer here http://www.jabber.org/about/overview.shtml

I am going to install jabber right now


it s really easy to install and maintain this software ,but the doc is poor ,i try to find ,what i need to do for “server to server” work ,like dns modification ect …

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Hey laradji,

Yep. We still need to write some documentation regarding s2s and external component support. Meanwhile, let us know if you are running into any kind of problem.


– Gato