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Does Jive Messenger have Debugger like Smack?


Does Jive Messenger come with a debugger like Smack showing the XML content of packets? Because I am constructing my own IQ packet using the IQProvider. I would like to check the packets to and from the server.

Also, I see the PacketExtensionProvider in the Smack API. Can JM handle this? Currently, I cannot find the PacketExtension information from the JavaDoc of JM.



a beginner for Jive Messenger

Hi neolfai,

Interestingly enough Matt mentioned to me just a day or two ago that he and Gato had been talking adding a Smack like debugger to Messenger. He didn’'t mention a time frame as to when we might see that addition but it certainly appears to be on their radar. Maybe Matt can provide you (us) with some more details.

Hope that helps,