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Does Jive support virtual domains?


does Jive supports virtual domains? (multiple domains sharing one IP address)



Hi Florian,

Take a look at url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=15748this thread[/url].

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does Jive supports virtual domains? (multiple domains sharing one IP address)

It could be done, but it would require multiple Messengers on different ports with SRV records. Messenger does not presently allow “virtual” domains.

I don’'t see a JIRA issue for multiple domains, I guess I should make one if I hope to see it added in the future.


Ok, I need to do something similar but maybe not quite like this. I started out setting up our server in the corporation as jabber.subdomain.domain, mainly because we have DNS control of everything under subdomain.domain, which made it easy for us to setup the server that way.

Yesterday, we were finally successful in getting the powers that be to create a DNS CNAME record for jabber.domain which points to the IP address of jabber.subdomain.domain. Now the problem is, I’‘d like for both jabber.subdomain.domain and jabber.domain to be ‘‘aliased’’ to the same server. In other words, I want people to be able to connect to either domain, and add people with JID’'s of either format, but logically be the same domain.

I just want jabber.domain to be an alias for jabber.subdomain.domain. Looking at the admin console, it seems that it could be possible - under server ports, it lists out the current ports that are being listened to, and then has a field for Domain Name(s). I was hoping that the (s) would mean that I could do what I’'ve outlined above.

Any ideas from anyone, or am I just barking up the wrong tree on this one?


-Guy Martin

Virtual domain support would be a killer feature - are there any plans for this on the horizon?

Hi! is there any news for support on virtual domains in a near future?

This is would be a really great feature for jive messenger.



Let me just add my vote to the list of people asking for this – wildfire really needs virtual domains in order to see large-scale deployment.

And my vote goes here for this as well. Thanks.


im also very interested at the virtual domain feature. Like the virtual domain support in eJabberd. This would be a killer feature for me.


Hi! now that jive has launched Wildfire, is there finally any plans for virtual domains support in a near future?

Can someone from jivesoftware talk about this?

I think this would be a really useful option, that alot of us are really waiting for!



Still any news yet???


still no news. Currently the team seems to be working on Project Pampero. In my opinion it is necessary that a company sponsors the virtual domain development to get it done fast.