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Does MUC exist?

it says in docs (under HostedRoom):

“Hosted rooms by a chat service may be discovered if they are configured to appear in the room directory.”

Pls, how do you configure a MUC “to appear in the room directory”?

I assume it’‘s a method under class Form, but can’‘t find one… ( I need to use getHostedRooms() to find out if a MUC exists before creating it…) I’‘m iterating thru Collection returned by getHostedRoom() to get names of rooms, but it’'s not working, I think b/c I need to do this Form config thing… thank you very much…

also would like to know what exactly is a reserved room and what an instant room is… I still don’‘t know if need to create reserved rooms or instant rooms, b/c don’‘t know exactly what properties each one has… (above when do they cease to exist… my MUC’'s will cease to exist once last user exits it, but do I need to create reserved rooms just b/c I need to config them so they can be discovered? sorry, this is confusing…)

again thank you…

All these are options contained in the form returned by getConfigurationForm(), if you check the xml you will see the appropriate options.

Hola Kali,

I think that you may want to read url=http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0045.htmlJEP-0045: Multi-User Chat[/url]. There you will find the answer to your questions and more.


– Gato

ok, this is not in Smack documentation? that complicated?

right now getting a million lines like this:

must have about 100 lines like this by now…

it doesn’‘t stop… it’'s repeating this line endlessly…

as if I had put it in a loop or something… what is causing this???

Gato, thank you very much…

Gato, gracias nuevamente… finding out if MUC exists is proving the most difficult thing here… other folks here have said Smack API should include a direct way to do this… hopefully you guys can do this soon…:slight_smile: I really don’'t know what info from JEP-0045: Multi-User Chat to use for this… (would be good if this info were in Smack docs/documentation… or am I missing something here?)

I think I want to try getRoomInfo()… don’'t know if can figure out FORM thing for being able to discover room name… it says under getRoomInfo():

“Returns the discovered information of a given room whithout actually having to join the room. The server will provide information only for rooms that are public.”

PUBLIC meaning it’'s in conference (as in )? (can both an instant room and a reserved room be public? again, would like to know exact differences betw. instant and reserved room…) again, Gato, thank you very very much for yr help…

Hi, I know this is a very old question and I’m like a necromancer :smiley: but I couldn’t find better doc about this. I created a question in SO related to this question: find out if MUC exist

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Based on flow answer in SO, here is the answer for this post:

public boolean isGroupChatAlreadyCreated(@NonNull final EntityBareJid groupId)
        NoResponseException {
    List<HostedRoom> hostedRooms = manager.getHostedRooms(JidCreate.domainBareFrom(serviceDomain));
    for (HostedRoom hostedRoom : hostedRooms) {
        if (hostedRoom.getJid().equals(groupId)) {
            return true;

    return false;