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Does new websocket plugin has prebind feature using sid, rid & jid?

I am very pleased to see the post about new websocket plugin by openfire community!

I am wondering if the new websocket plugin has the functionality to bind with pre logged in connection using sid(session id), rid (resource id) & jid (jabber id). Because there is no enough documentation available on it. As I already used the plugin developed by deleolajide on github. Previously that was not compatible with 3.10.x version of openfire but right now it has been updated by author.

Now the community already released the new plugin so I want to migrate on it but I need the feature to attache the already created session.

I will be very thankful if anyone help me regarding this feature.

Prebinding is a feature of BOSH that leverages the session timing mechanism specified by XEP-0124 to minimize the HTTP overhead of the XMPP/BOSH session initiation handshake. The WebSocket protocol behaves more like the native TCP binding for XMPP, where the session initiation stanzas flow freely over a persistent network connection between the client and server.

If you intend to reuse the same XMPP user session across multiple (top-level) page loads or reloads within a website, you might prefer to stay with BOSH.

However, for modern JS web applications (Angular, Ember, etc.) that use a single top-level URL for the entire application, XMPP over WebSockets will provide a significant improvement for both performance and reliability.

Thanks Tom Evans for your quick reply,

As I am using openfire-strophe.js to connect to websocket and there is no implementation of attache method. You mean I attach the existing session using BOSH and then continue over websocket. Ok.

Previously I was edited the deleolajide plugin (XMPPServlet) and added a custom method which accepts sid, rid & jid to continue with existing session. By implementing the attach method I was successfully able to attach the existing session over websocket, without using BOSH.

Let me check with your solution.

Can share the plugin that you have edited for pre-binding?