Does not show me or other users as online--only at my workstation, my login & appearance works properly at other workstations

'Hi, sorry this is first time to use this type service. My company has spark 2.5.8 installed. Three weeks ago my Spark Account

“stopped” displaying me & all other users as being online --only at my workstation. I can go to other workstations and login, then

myself and other users correctly appear online. My spark account appears to login properly on any networked workstation, the issue

happens only at my workstation. Any suggestions on what I should check? --( running windows XP )

Try reinstalling Spark at your desk and also wipe out your user’s profile (history will be lost) at C:\Documents and Settings\User\Spark prior installing again.

Great, that was all I needed to do, had already reinstalled but

didn’t delete folder with history/other info. Thanks for the assist.