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Does OpenFire allow one set of users to not be searchable by another set of users?

Greetings…it appears the main form of segregating users in OpenFire is via groups.

I have 2 groups, and i’d like for (at times) them to not be visible to each other (when user is search for other users via sparkweb).

At other times i might want them to be visible to each other…I’ve noticed the server setting “Disable contact list group sharing”, but even when that is checked, all users show up in the search results, for all users without regard to group.

Is there a way to accomplish what we’re after?

Thoughts appreciated…


Probably you can stop them to talk to each other with Packet Filter plugin, but i’m not sure if that can hide some users in their search. What about disabling searching on the server side. But all users won’t be able to search then.

Search is done by the Search plugin, which is installed by default. I suggest to modify the plugin to fit your needs.

PacketFilter or Raptor will not help here.