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Does openfire really implements XEP-0083 and support Nested Group?

Recently, i am using openfire 3.8 to do some experiments, and i see some people said that openfire support nested group (there : http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/27561). however, i tested it by Querying for the Delimiter and got empty result. Then, i saw that openfire’s protocol support in http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/protocol -support.html, openfire doesn’t implement XEP-0083.

but in this thread http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/27561, @qk4l said he/she tested and found that openfire support xep-0083 ? i am compused.

is there anyone tell me whether openfire 3.8 support xep-0083 or nested group by other way?

Did you try to set a query delimiter before retrieving it?

yes, i want to detect whether openfire support xep-0083, so i just use smack 3.2 to send an IQ packet to openfire server to querying for the delimiter, the connent of IQ packet is just like that :


and i got response from openfire like that :

“If there is no delimiter stored, a client MAY set a delimiter but MUST either prompt the user for a delimiter, or use a user-configurable default.” A “get” does not modify the empty delimitier, you need a “set” request.

well, i already read that. but before i try that, i want to know whether openfire support XEP-0083. if openfire doesn’t support it, it will be unneccessary to try “set” request.

Finally, i wrote a packetIntercepter to modify the packet body, and add nested group support according to XEP-0083. Just like that:



| |

| -----Royalty----userb

                    |-----Hamlet -----userc    

packet before being modified




packet after being modified




However, that group name must be unique in openfire is unreasonalbe, i think. If there are two sub group named “mygroup” in different super group, openfire won’t work fine. Anybody can help me for this?

By the way, Spark (2.6.3) only support two level nested group.


can you share the code you’ve written?