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Does Openfire support members-only MUC rooms?


here’s my use case:

User A wants to start a MUC with Contact B, C and D. And nobody else should be allowed to enter the room.

Until now, I’ve always created a persistent non-public room for that. Where B, C and D could join, after having received an invitation.

However, B didn’t know that C and D have also received an invite from A.

My requirement:

A creates a MUC room and sends invitations to B, C and D.

B shall know, that the C and D also are members of the room, even if they are currently not in the room (online).

I’ve now read about members-only rooms in XEP-0045 and thought that they could solve my problems.

Mediated invitations were added in Multi-User Chat as a way to handle invitations in the context of members-only rooms (so that the room could exercise control over the issuance of invitations).

A service SHOULD also return the member list to any occupant in a members-only room; i.e., it SHOULD NOT generate a error when a member in the room requests the member list. This functionality can assist clients in showing all the existing members even if some of them are not in the room, e.g. to help a member determine if another user should be invited. A service SHOULD also allow any member to retrieve the member list even if not yet an occupant.

So, each member shall be displayed in the “room roster”, even if not currently “online” in the room.

Is a members-only room appropriate for my use case and is it possible with Openfire?

Thanks for advice.