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Does openfire support S2S group chat?

Hi there, I’m back again to ask something new.

I have two OF servers in my computers, and finally
I edited the code and set already my custom openfire server!

Everything is working so well but I faced critical error and Idk why It occurs.
There r two servers, A server and B server.
And A <-> B S2S works so well!
But When I make a MUC in client using A server, client using B server can receive MUC invitation, But It says “Remote server not found”.
unfortunately, opposite ways’ also same

Currently I’m using Android Conversations, also I tested on iOS Siskin.IM.
Please make me aware that if u know the solution how to fix this situation.
Thank you.

Do you have a proper DNS setup?
You should add a cname entry for the muc service domain to the host of the xmpp server too.
So you need the srv entries for the xmpp domain + cname for example conference.yourdomain > xmpp domain… etc.

furthermore you should check if tls 1.3 is enabled or not… i had some similiar errors on some java runtime environments when tls 1.3 was enabled.

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Thank you for telling me answers!
I turned TLSv1.3 off already and I tried to set conference SRV on my domain.
But sadly, I have another problem of this.

For example, I have a domain.com and I set server using my domain’s subdomain like
A.domain.com and B.domain.com
I tried to set SRV but set conference SRV on my domain, but I’m using subdomains,
So I can’t set both.
Can you tell me how to set conference SRV each subdomains that if you know?
I think there’s no solution…

You can only run one xmpp domain on domain.com
so you only have to insert dns srv records for domain.com.

If you want to connect Server A and Server B via Server2Server-Connection then, they must get seperated xmpp-domains like a.domain.com and b.domain.com. Then you have to insert srv records for each of theese domains and for each muc service an alias cname to each of theese subdomains.


Domain A:

_xmpp-client._tcp.a.domain.com. 300 IN    SRV     0 5 5222 a.domain.com.
_xmpp-server._tcp.a.domain.com. 300 IN    SRV     0 5 5269 a.domain.com.
_xmpps-client._tcp.a.domain.com. 300 IN    SRV     0 5 5223 a.domain.com.
_xmpps-server._tcp.a.domain.com. 300 IN    SRV     0 5 5270 a.domain.com.
conference.domain.com.  300     IN      CNAME   a.domain.com.

Domain B:

_xmpp-client._tcp.b.domain.com. 300 IN    SRV     0 5 5222 b.domain.com.
_xmpp-server._tcp.b.domain.com. 300 IN    SRV     0 5 5269 b.domain.com.
_xmpps-client._tcp.b.domain.com. 300 IN    SRV     0 5 5223 b.domain.com.
_xmpps-server._tcp.b.domain.com. 300 IN    SRV     0 5 5270 b.domain.com.
conference.b.domain.com.  300     IN      CNAME   b.domain.com.
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Thank you! Finally I did!