Does Openfire support XEP-202


I am trying to get the openfire server time.

After researching, I found out that XEP-202 can be used.

However, It seems like my openfire server doesn’t support “urn:xmpp:time”.

I am using OPenfire server 3.10.2.

( From this link: , it seems XEP-202 was added in Openfire 3.9)

My client is using smack 4.1.0

Can anyone help me?



just tested this again, and it works for me. Maybe you can provide some XMPP logs or Openfire logs?

Here’s the result from Openfire (in an IQ result of course):

<time xmlns="urn:xmpp:time"><tzo>+01:00</tzo><utc>2015-07-22T11:13:01.748Z</utc></time>


I tried to use this: EntityTimeManager.getInstanceFor(connection).getTime(“10206866591167252@mydomai n”);

And I got a null response because of this:

if (!isTimeSupported(jid))

return null;

Please let me know if I have do anything to enable this feature.

For now, I use XEP-090 and it works.


You are asking the time for a user (“10206866591167252”). That user has no time information. Call the getTime with only the domain.

Btw: just realized, that the tzo should be +02:00 for my timezone… Openfire does not respect daylight saving time.