Does Openfire supports custom message type?

Hi All,

We encountered one strange issue, that Openfire is not accepting the custom message type (e.g. XYZ) while sending from client end. The issue occurring after we upgraded the OF to 4.1.1 while it was working with 4.0.3.

Is there any changes made in latest openfire version 4.1.1 about message type.

I found on web that openfire does support only these standard message type,

  • Message.Type.normal – (Default) a normal text message used in email like interface.
  • – a typically short text message used in line-by-line chat interfaces.
  • Message.Type.groupchat – a chat message sent to a groupchat server for group chats.
  • Message.Type.headline – a text message to be displayed in scrolling marquee displays.
  • Message.Type.error – indicates a messaging error.
    For reference : Message.Type (Openfire 3.3.0 Javadoc)

Any help will be appreciated.