Does Smack support Encrypted Group conversations and Jingle Signalling Protocol?

Hi there,
I have not been active in this community for some time. I plan in a near future to pick back my old project. Wanted to know these two things

  1. Do smack-gpg support group chats?
  2. Is Jingle signalling fully supported and documented? Last time I checked, there were bunch of classes with no documentation of how to use it. It have been long time, so may be things have changed.

Thanks to everyone that keeps this community going!

I don’t think out of the box, so no.

It’s not even completely implemented. So ‘no’ here to.

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Thanks @flow for the information.
Jingle seems to be somewhat implemented from your answer. What is done and what is lacking?

I think it’s mostly basic stanza stuff, but no up-to-date protocol logic etc.

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Thank you!

Note that there is which provides a potential Jingle (file transfer) implementation.

So if you want to further explore implementing jingle calling with Smack, this PR is probably a good point to start from.

Looking at XEP-167 it looks like this should be easier as it sounds to me like a subset. I will slowly study the implementation and see how I can help towards 167

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