Does Spark render data forms sent by smack extensions?

I am reading the docs for smack and apparently it’‘s capable to send data forms down to a client. I am trying to test this using Spark. Everything seems to well on the server side but the client, Spark, never renders anything. So I am not sure if I am doing something wrong on the server side or Spark doesn’'t support data forms.

Hi arthilheiro,

So Spark does have it’‘s own DataForm renderer, but it’‘s only listens for dataforms from the Group Chat rooms. I’'ll update the next release to be accept all DataForm extensions for rendering. You can track the progress of this issue with SPARK-112.



Cool! That would be killer.

Do any other clients support dataforms? Is it in any kinda of standard or widely accepted? How about google talk? I tried it with google talk on a one-on-one chat and it didn’‘t render the form. I’‘ll do some tests with group chat today. I searched for all these things on google didn’'t find much.

P.S. I have a feeling something like this could rival the browser as a thin client for client/server applications. It actually has some advantages such as being able to push, the capability of being asynchronous by storing messages on the server when the client is not online, built in session construct, etc.