Does Spark support offline message?

Does Spark support the “XEP-0013: Flexible Offline Message Retrieval”?

I’m writting a simple XMPP server with XEP-0013 support, and I want to use Spark as client side. But I found that Spark does’t works that way.

My server responses client server descovery with following:

<iq id="..." type="result" to="..." from="...">
  <query xmlns="">
    <feature var=""/>
    <feature var="msgoffline"/>

but Spark doesn’t try to retrieve offline message as the way described in XEP-0013.

Well, it does support common offline messages. Not sure if this XEP covers this or is it something different. What stands for “Flexible”? Also, were you able to achieve that with some other server?

This is what the XEP says: “What is needed is a flexible semantic for offline message handling, similar to POP3 in the email world (see RFC 1939 [3]). This would enable the wireless user to view header information for all offline messages and select only those from their boss and important clients for viewing. It would enable the vacationer to read and delete their messages one at a time, minimizing the possibility of losing all correspondence. And it would provide for seamless integration with existing web-based email clients.”

I guess Spark doesn’t support it for now, but are you planning to implement it?

The thing is that Spark doesn’t have full-time developers. Sometimes someone codes some new feature or fixes a few bugs. This projects relies on voluntiers. So i can’t say are we planning or not. All i can do is to file this in an issue tracker and maybe someday someone will implement this. SPARK-1409

Thank you very much. I can follow the common way for now,