Does the Smack use TCP connection pool to communicate?

Does the Smack use TCP connection pool to communicate with Wildfire or another jabber sever ???

please who has the answer help me .


clients usually do not support connection pools as it makes little sense to pool one connection. I assume Smack does not support a pool.

I wonder why you are interested in a pooled connection.



thank for your reply.

I want to empolder a web Server using Smack, which connects to wildfire of wildfire connection manager.

now, if the web server create a TCP connection to wildfire for every user who login successfully, there will

need very much recource. This is not a good idea. Therefor, I seek help .

Unfortunately, XMPP requires one TCP-stream per user. There’'s no way around that without creating your own network layer on both sides. The only thing that could be possible is to write a connection manager.

thank you!

I will develop a connection manager to solve the question, and the connection manager must use

Jabber Component Protocol ( XEP-0114 ) to connect with jabber server.

But now, there is not much information to introduce the Jabber Component Protocol except XEP-0114 which

don’'t tell me much particular thing, so that it is too hard to develop the connection manager.

if you know where there is much imformation about the Jabber Component Protocol ,

please tell me, thank you!


it may help if you explain your use case a little more detailed, “web Server using Smack” sounds a little bit weird. Wildfire 3.2 has XEP-0124 HTTP support but also this requires a permanent connection.

The existing Wildfire Connection Managers are open source so you could take a look at the source if you want to write something similar.