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Does User Service plugin communicates by forming stanzas internally for administration of users via HTTP requests

As the XMPP communicates via Stanzas and IQ. I want to know whether the User Service plugin(authored by Justin Hunt) also communicates with the server by forming stanzas internally. I am a .NET developer and want to register a user by c# client, i tried using Jabber.NET library but not successful. I came across this plugin which is working fine but just want to know how does it establishes connection(by stanzas or some other means).

Thanks & Regards,

Vaibhav Tiwari


the user service plugin don’t use stanzas/iq internally. Plugins such User service can directly access to Openfire.

Example to create a user in a plugin:

XMPPServer.getInstance().getUserManager().createUser(username, password, name, email);