Does wildfire had a feature to add all users as member of a group?

i’'m trying to migrate from ejabberd. but i really need this feature, which enable everybody to see everybody else. on ejabberd i could do this by adding @all@ on member of a group.

can i do this with wildfire?

thank you in advance


Create a group with all members

then enable contact group list sharing

enter the “name” that you want the group listed under

check to share group with additional users

then choose which users you want the group to auto fill, or select all to have everyone get the roster.

i need to create a group containing all members first, right? how could i accomplish this. should manually add each member to the group? can i automatically add all existing member or new member?

thank you very much for your time

Not sure exactly since I’'m using LDAP with active directory and my groups are created automatically.

but if the option is there to add all users… do it! if not, add them one by one.

the rest should be the same

can i automatically add all existing members?

I’‘m not aware of a way to do this, and it’'s really hard to do this.

can i automatically add new members?

I did never try the Registration Plugin but it should be able to do this. (“Default Group - A group that all users will be added to when they first register.”)


The registration plug in allows you add users to a group automatically.