Domain name

Subject: Domain name


I have Wildfire, and am having trouble configuring it for using externally from my domain. my domain “” but the server that its install on is called “michael.firewall” (michael works for internal users but cant access it externally) and when i first install it, in the server settings - domain - the name is michael , the current server that hosts the messenger, has 2 nics with totally different ip’'s

Could anyone help with this dilema please?



Hi Steve,

you can have just one domain, so you may need to change the xmpp.domain system property to “” (go to /server-properties.jsp and add “xmpp.domain” as a system property, then restart Wifi) and tell all internal users to use this domain name (using “michael.firewall” should also be fine for Spark but other clients may have problems).

Wifi binds to all available interfaces. You can bind Wifi to one interface if you need to or keep things as they are. See the KB /url for more informations.


Thank you very much, its working now, and the binding to the interface also helped.