Double tab open issue when

I am facing this issue from last two days, When we tab on any user whom I want to chat then double tab has been opened. Please suggest me how to resolve this issue.

I am using latest versions
openfire 4.7.5
spark Spark 3.0.2 Ignite Realtime

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Did you ever find a resolution?

can you show what it looks like? I don’t quite understand


If I go send a new message, a window appears, and I type in the text. When I receive a message back, I get the response, but then a 2nd tabbed window appears with the response. If I then close that new, second window, everything continues to work properly as long as I don’t close the chat window with them.


This is not Spark 3.0.2.
You are using an older version, Spark 3.0.X has a different design, like this:

Sorry, I needed a screenshot to show and was not on a 3.0.2 computer
and it’s defiantly 3.0.2
I’m slightly wrong with my issue. It’s when I double click on any contact, two windows appear for 1 user. The one window has our conversation, and the other window only contains their responses. I tried sun java, and now Amazon Corretto with the same results. Windows 11 22h2.

Send me logs and usernames of both users please.

I can’t figure out where the SMACK DEBUG Logs are saved to, just the Spark logs in C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Spark\logs