Download Directory in Spark


I’'m trying to change the default download location (for transferred files) in Spark 2.0.0beta (Windows XP), but failing miserably

I’'ve set the downloadDir tag in settings.xml to the desired location (C:\Documents and Settings<myusername>\Local Settings\Spark Downloads), but Spark is ignoring it and using C:\Documents and Settings<myusername>\Spark\user<myserveraccount>\downloads instead (and updating settings.xml to reflect this when Spark closes).

What am I doing wrong? The desired folder exists and I have write permissions to it.



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Hi Matt,

Unfortunately, the downloads dir is ignored in

the beta release but has been fixed for the upcoming 2.0

release. You will be able to change the download directory

in the preferences section.



Well that explains it - thanks

Two further quick questions, if you don’'t mind:

  1. Is there / will there be any way to change the defauly download dir for all Spark users (connected to one server, or in one AD domain, etc), or will I need to set this on a computer-by-computer basis?

  2. Will the downloadDir setting support enviroment variables under Windows - so I can use “%userprofile%\Local Settings\Spark Downloads”?