Download for Spark 2.0 beta appears to install 1.1.9 instead ( 26 Feb )

I just visited your Downloads page and downloaded ‘‘spark_2_0_0_beta.exe’’ for Windows. Unfortunately this file opens a Spark 1.1.9 installer that does in fact install that older version, confirmed in the About page. This problem is present at 26 Feb 06.

Is there a legitimate reason for this confusing install, or is it just an accidental slip-up?


Hi David,

The reason being that build # 1.1.9 is the 2.0 beta release. Upon release of 2.0, you will then have the 2.0.0 release number in the package. I understand that this does cause issues if you are running with Spark Manager, since the build # is looked at. Sorry for the confusion on that.



Thanks for the clarification Derek



Any idea when the new version will be released? It bugs my customers many times a day saying they need to upgrade… Very frustrating.

Brian Aldridge

Boise Computer Service, Inc.



This bugs me too…

The only thing I’‘ve found is to disable the update manager for the time being. Clients don’‘t need to know and you’'ll just have to turn it on after 2.0 proper is out (otherwise there is a very real danger users will stil not upgrade… users are a pain like that!)

I raised this in both the spark and wildifre forums a while ago… dissapointing that these gizmos aren’‘t lined up a bit more - either its version 2.0 or 1.1.9… can’'t be both, so should be identified the same in all the areas of the program.

Still, its free so can’'t wine too much!!!


You can still have Spark Manager updates enabled…

Just rename the installer to “Spark_1_1_9.exe” in the builds folder for Wildfire… No more annoying pop-up for users already with this version & still ensures users are running the 2.0beta.