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Download latest compiled svn (windows) version? > nightly build?

Hi, is there a nightly build to download?

ot can anyone send me or provide a link to the latest build?

because the latest beta from the website has a bug that some times comes a message that a new version is available… the same version that i have installed… ???

and yes i have disabled to check if there are new verisons,



You find the latest Build there http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1822

Actually this is not the latest version, but I will updated this document as soon as possible.

Thank yoi cstux, but my problem is still there that the beta means thate the same beta is newer for a update…???

I have disabled in the settings to check if new versions are there.

Any idea how to disable that behaviour?



Are you by chance using Client Control plugin with Openfire? Maybe you put Spark 2.5.8 there as a setup package. Beta versions are not counted as newer versions, so in that case it will always report you that you can update to a “newer” version, because 2.5.8 is the latest official stable release.