Download Link for 3.6.0a.deb is WRONG

Hello folks,

Firstly, I wish to express a big THANK YOU to all the developers behind this project - it is a dream to work with and manage daily.

I got message in the console there is a new version up for grabs (3.6.0a) - quite naturally, I went there to download it. I seelected Linux, then the .deb file and voila:

The file name suggests this IS a new version - after installing it, I see it is the same old one (3.6.0)

Could someone please take a look and confirm this?



Everything is fine. You have the new version. It is just Openfire doesnt support such naming and the version number was left the same. Until 3.6.1 is released you should ignore messages about the newer 3.6.0a version in your Admin Console.

Thank you for the kind and fast response!