Download progress Inaccurate

I am using Spark 2.6.3 and when I receive files it does not correctly display the download progress bar. That being said, it never tells me when the download is complete. Since it never shows as complete I cannot open the file from spark. I have to go to my download directory and open the file from there. It’s not unusable, but it is highly irritating!

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Just wanted to state that I am experiencing the excat same problem on several of my clients. I am using Openfire 3.7.0 in an Active Directory enviroment with Spark 2.6.3 clients and several but not all have the problem. The download bar seems to hang at anywhere from 0-25% on the receiving client, but if you check the download folder the file has actually been completely transfered. On the sending client, the file says it was sent successfully. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks.

It would be great if you both share info about your network infrastructure (VPN, firewalls, connecting from the outside of your LAN, etc.) and what settings you have in Openfire for file proxy (Server settings > File Transfer Settings).

In my case the problem is between several computers on the same office LAN, same subnet. We also are behind a firewall to the outside internet and connect via VPN to our other branch offices but I haven’t tested file transfer through the VPN as of yet. In Openfire filte transfer settings all I have is enabled.

Well. File Transfer is a bit of mystery to me as i can’t understand when which method would be used (direct conenction, proxy, or else). I can reproduce your issue in some case and cannot in other. Though my testing capabilities are limited.

I have Openfire and user1 with Spark on my PC with an external IP 84.x.x.x. and a second LAN card in 192.168.0.x subnet and a virtualbox connection in 192.168.56.x subnet. Then i have user2 with Spark in a virtual XP machine on the same PC (it is in 10.0.2.x virtual subnet) and user3 with Spark on a laptop connected to my PC’s second LAN card and getting internet via Internet Connection sharing.

You issue is reproducable when i send file to or from a user1 to any other user. But it works fine when i send file from user2 to user3. Also speeds are different. If i send files from user3 to user1 it reaches only 1 MB/s, while sending from user2 to user3 or, which is weird from user1 to any other user it sends at 15MB/s. File Transfer proxy is enabled.

This info is probably not very useful, i can’t see what is happening in every situation. But i can see that it depends not only on how two users are connected, but even on who is sending the file.

I will try to file this in the issue tracker, but i’m not sure it will be easy to reproduce for the developers. SPARK-1411

Please observe the smack debugger during you tests. There are two different methods to transfer file. Slow transfers are IMHO caused by the use of IBB. This is visible in the debugger.

It is also important to know the OS. Mac to Windows has a fundamental bug. Win7 to Win7 may have problem (I was never able to reproduce this).

The OS is in all cases Windows XP. IBB or not i think it is not the case. As it behaves the same either with the fast or slow transfers.