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Download Window - SPARK 2.6.0 B2


I would like to know how to remove the download window that appears once you accept a download? The window is useless and annoying…I’m using the Spark 2.6.0 Beta 2 release.

I tried to switch to the Spark Beta 1, but I’m using the plugin “SparkTabbedPane (Externalizing Tabs)” provided in the forum. Even changing the “Spark.jar” into the installation of Spark Beta 1 (the download window is not present), the download window appears.



It is BETA software. There are bugs. It should not be used in a production environment. It is not stable and has features that are either broken or do not work completely. You best option is to go back to version 2.5.8. The patch you mention also has bugs, so you are compounding the issue.

Hi Todd,

First, I know that is BETA SOFTWARE!!!
Second, I don’t use in a production environment. I’m just testing the version!!!

Third, I know that the patch I’m using is not finished and has bugs. but as I said, I’m testing.

Now, again: Anyone knows how to remove???