Draft - Tests for Openfire release candidates

Draft - Testing everything is possible and will take some months. But we should still run some tests. Maybe with polls or a custom form we can get the most common setups.

OS: Windows Server 2008/2012, Windows 7/8 - Ubuntu 10.x, 12.x - OSX 10.x - Debian - Suse - AIX

Java: OpenJdk, OracleJdk, IbmJdk - v7 / v8

Updates: from previous version - from older version

New setup

Databases: HSQLDB, MSSQL, MYSQL, Oracle, Postgres

Auth-, User-, Groupproviders: internal, LDAP, AD, SSO, external database


Feel free to update/edit the document if something is missing or wrong.

Openfire setup:

Ssl, registration options

Openfire functions:

user creation,update, deletion. UTF-8 names/passwords

Login 5222, 5223, 9090, 9091

Roster management, Openfire groups

Admin Console test - checking as many links and options as possible (to see if anything is broken by XSS, CSRF and other fixes to url generation)

Server to Server (with SSL)

Privacy lists


Memory leaks

Cpu Usage

Thread count


Do we need to test 5223 which is obsolete?

As long as it is supported it should work and thus be tested. While in 4.x one could drop it.

URL generation can get broken in various places, not just group names