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Dropped Subscriptions-- urgent

Hi all:

I recently migrated a server from Debian 7 (Openfire 3.9.3) to Debian 9 (Openfire 4.2.3). My issue is that users’ subscriptions are randomly dropping, with no notification to the users or to the server.

On the old server I exported the original mysql database with a mysqldump:

mysqldump -u root -p openfire -u > mysqldump.sql

And on the new server, imported it with:

mysql -u openfire -p openfire -v < mysqldump.sql

I’m finding that subscriptions that were in place during the orignal import disappear after a seemingly random amount of time (~20 minutes?). By subscriptions, I mean entries that are in the openfire.ofPubsubSubscription table in the openfire database.

After users subscribe and start receiving messages, I’m seeing their entries in that table in MariaDB:

select * from ofPubsubSubscription;

But again, after a set amount of time, they disappear from that table.

My questions are:

  1. What is causing this behavior, and how can I prevent it?
  2. Where and what logs can I look to get more information?
  3. What else could be going on with my migration that could be causing this? Everything else (users, nodes, etc) seem to be working fine.