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Dropping the ball on SSO

Hi All,

This is a post to respond to everyone who is pissed off about SSO I just wanted to explain what happened.

Yes, I did say it would be in the product, and I totally blew it. It became this overwhelming task that I kept trying to get done while still working on the other features across Spark (Jingle, Sip Phone, Framework changes, Chat Assistants, etc). You know, one of the things as the developer of Spark is that I personally think I can take on anything. Everyday, I have my team as well as the community come up with some amazing things and being the ever optimist, I think I can always do it. So dropping the ball on SSO is really painful for me, especially since I thought it would be in and relayed that information to all of you. Sadly, this has been a real pain spot for Matt as well, having one of his developers promise a feature and not deliever (trust me, the talking to was painful), but I have learned something through all of this.

We are going to be changing up our process to allow for more concrete feature sets, and to really scale back on the “shooting from the hip” type of development I’'m used to doing. Although this means less features get into the product, it does give us a better estimate on particular features and their release cycle. So please bear with me on this one, and hopefully you guys can forgive me for this screw up, but we are putting process into place to deal with it.



Do you have a timeframe for SSO? I feel this is one of the most important features to get implemented. I have a lot of people that do not sign in after their AD password changes.

Thanks for a great product!

Don’'t be so hard on yourself, you are doing a great job… Your hard work is greatly appreciated, and you are a great asset to the project!! It is a setback with the SSO for some, but it will come… With that being said I hope you have a great day, and I look forward to talking to you soon about the little issue we talked about yesterday!!

Thanks again for everything you do for us all!!

I may have missed it, but has a timeframe for SSO been announced? Even though there have been a lot of great additions, I’‘ve been holding off an upgrade since Wildfire 3.1.0 and Spark 2.0.6 as I’'m waiting on SSO.