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Dual Monitor Problems. Bug?

When spark is moved to a second monitor and then the laptop is moved so there is no second monitor, spark will not show in the primary. You have to reenable the second monitor and move it back to the primary before moving back to single setup.

I tried minimizing then maximizing, closing spark, rebooting… nothign seemed to help.




as soon as you see Spark in the Taskbar you should be able to right-click and select “Move” to move the window in the visible area.


Just a quick clarification here: Choose Move, then hold the left or right keyboard arrow key down to move the window into view.

You can also probably edit the layout-settings.xml file directly and remove or change the mainWindow and chatFrame elements. I haven’'t tried this, but it should work. This file is located in the spark directory in your user profile (in windows this is in the Documents and Settings\ directory).

If spark is remembering it’‘s screen position (instead of letting the OS determine where the window should appear), then it really should be sure to evaluate the screen position against the current screen extents and ensure that it isn’'t forcing things off screen…

I’'d personally classify this as a minor UI bug…

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