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Dumb Java questions using Eclipse with Jive Messenger Source

I’'m fooling around with Jive Messenger / Eclipse (3.1m7) as an exercise (new to Java) and was able to setup and build Jive Messenger thanks to kind posts on setup in this forum. This is probably a dumb question, but I noticed that the downloadable installation package for Jive Messager has “messenger.exe” and “messenger-service.exe” - should I expect these to be built when I build the project in Eclipse?

Thanks for your patience (I’'m sure this must be a dumb question:-)

Hi Perkinsj,

That’‘s not a dumb question at all. In order to build a Window’'s excecutable file the Jive developers use a product called install4j which is commerical product and does not come with source code of Messenger.

Hope that helps,