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Duplicate Pidgin buddy list after moving to a new Openfire server

Previously we were running Openfire 3.7.0 on an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server. With the release of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and the available Openfire 3.7.1 update, we setup a new server to bring everything up to date.

Both servers use LDAP integration run without issue. The only quirk that I have at the moment is that all of the clients are using Pidgin and it has cached the old users in it’s local blist.xml file. This may be better asked from the Pidgin community, but I thought I would double up and try here as well. Is there any way from Openfire to get Pidgin to purge it’s cache and only use the current roster?

I know I can quit Pidgin and delete this file locally and it will recreate it on startup with only the new list, but it’s really only an issue for people showing offline users so I was looking for a quick and easy way to get all of the clients to purge the list without manually touching all of them.

I also has been looking in addition of your escenario the posibility of clearing deleted user and group roster in pidgin in push way from openfire but the fast, easy and fairly solution is delete the pidgin profile on disk you mentioned.

I think this is a pidgin design problem because it preserve a local cache of remote roster and didn’t clean up it periodically, compared to MSN Messenger which do clean up the cache.