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Dwr.jar in webchat.war needs to be upgraded

Hello. There is a problem with the dwr library (dwr.jar) in the webchat.war file. The header contains the wrong content type when it creates a javascript file . It should be text/javascript but it is returned as html/text.

For example go to:


If you inspect the headers in the response you will see that the content type is html/text.

This causes problems in web servers because the proxy automatically adds some opening html tags “

” to content

webchat.war uses dwr version 1.1 however this issue is fixed in version 2.0 onwards.

Will the webchat.war be upgraded in the future so it includes a more uptodate version of this library?

Does anyone in the openfire or webchat support have any information on this? The webchat.war should be using a more up to date version of the DWR.jar. Version 2 and 3 contain a lot of improvements to the library. Will Version 2 and 3 of this library be in the next webchat.war release?

I had a look on your svn server:


It looks like you are using version 2 of the dwr library. Great!

The last released version of webchat.war was in 2008. When are you planning releasing the updated version?