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Dynamic Distribution List not showing up in Groups

I’ve created a Dynamic Distribution List inside Exchange2010 that will create groups based on their department. I’ve named the group Spark-“department”.

I’m having issues with the group showing up inside the Group listing on Openfire. I see all the other groups (sec and distribution), but this is the only one not showing up. I’ve restarted the service and everything.

Do dynamic distribution lists just not work in Openfire/Spark? The reason I’m trying to use Dynamic groups is because the way we have our distribution lists set up for department, Spark doesnt see the users.

IM - All Staff is a group and instead of users inside that group it has 3 sub-groups, IM - Technical Services, IM - Data Services & IM - Director. That’s how all our groups are setup. If I share the IM - All Staff group on OpenFire it shows no users, but will work if I had the sub groups. The problem with that is that I want users to just see 1 group for IM. This is why I went to do dynamic distribution lists.


I’d also like to know if dynamic distribution group work in OpenFire.