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Dynamic Groups via MySQL not updating

Here is the idea:

We have users who will move in and out of different jabber groups throughout the day. I will be making a PHP script to populate the database with the group assignments on a regular basis.

The problem is that if I make a change to the database in the jiveUserGroup table the server and client are unaware of the changes to the database. (I’'m assuming that messenger is running off of cache) Is there a way to make the Jive Messenger server reload the groups from the database and therefore give the clients the groups again?

I would suggest writing a plugin that exposes the group API as a web service. You could then use your PHP script to talk directly to the web service and Jive Messenger would be able to keep the caches in sync. There’'s not going to be an easy way to make direct inserts into the database.



Sorry it’'s taken so long to write.

Matt, I think I understand what you are saying, but I’'m nore sure where to start. Could you spell it out for this newbie.

It would seem easier if there was a way to force messenger to reload it’‘s settings from the database (i.e. ‘’./messenger reload’’ or a command sent directly to the server through a XMl packet). It seems to do so on start up, since my manual changes to the groups in the database don’'t take effect in messenger until I restart the server.



The described “reload” command would solve my problems, too. Changes in the mySQL database done by a PHP code seem to be “recognized” by the JiveMessenger at a undefined point of time.