Dynamically create a user only for 'a minute' and delete user after allowing chat to another specified user, the same time. Is this possible?


Basically I would like to create a user who’s session is valid only for a minute. Where he could chat with another user with same properties and after one minute I would like to delete both the users and disconnect. Having said that the users are created automatically with some random user name and password when they launch this app.

I’m very new to smack and openfire. I would like to know if this is possible?


With love.


Why not just use anonymous logins?


Thank you so much rcollier for your reply. I will surely try that… Can you tell me if i login anonymously should the user need a username and password? What I mean to ask is, every time I create an user for anonymous purposes only, do I need to first register him with User name, pass and email? can things be done without it also? like for example an “Unique ID” for the user? (although the user is gonna be alive only for a minute in the chat)

No. You simply call connection.loginAnonymously(), assuming that the server actually supports anon logins.