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Easy Debian install?

Is there a page orso somewhere howto install Wildfire on debian (or even better a debian package).

Installing Java on debian is a pain in the butt

Maybe WAR is easier to install ?

Hi Ramirez,

if you already have a Tomcat 5.5 installation with Java 1.5 you could use the war file, that’'s really easy.

I did post a small installation guide already some times, probably I should add it to the installation guide:

Ask root to create a user wifi with a 256 MB filesystem, you’'ll use wifi to install and run Wildfire.

Grab the tar.gz file and extract it in your home directory. If you need database drivers copy them into the lib directory.

Grab the latest 1.5 SUN JVM and extract it in your home directory

Edit the bin/wildfire script to use the JVM you did install and start Wifi.

If you need to startup Wifi together with the server ask root to create an init script which does a “su - wifi -c …/wildfire start”

I hope this short version helps, I’‘m currently without ssh access to my server so I can’'t lookup details.


Yes problem is I have problems installing JVM cause the Java package I have to install doesn’'t seem to support the 1.5 version

I followed this manual, www.debianhelp. co.uk/ debianjava.htm

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Hi Ramirez,

did you try the Linux self-extracting file? It’'s a bin file which may be executed by user wifi and should install java without problems. I know that this will not meet the debian idea.


This is the way I’'ve done it (on stable and testing) YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY:

PART A Java on Debian:

(1) (as root) type: apt-get install java-package.

(2) (not as root) dowload the desired java sdk from java.sun.com

(3) (not as root) type: fakeroot make-jpkg

It’‘s really important you don’'t do this part as root.

If you get an error saying that ‘‘fakeroot’’ isn’'t found, then, as root, do:

apt-get install fakeroot.

When you have successfully run ‘‘fakeroot make-jpkg’’, you should a debian package

in the same directory as your downloaded sun sdk, for example:


Possible glitch; fakeroot complains that you are missing some plugins; try (as non-root):

for 32-bit machines:

DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE=x86_32-linux fakeroot make-jpkg

for amd 64-bit machines:

DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE=x86_64-linux fakeroot make-jpkg

commands are all on one line.

(4) Check you have the dependencies for java installed. As root

apt-get libasound2

apt-get java-common

apt-get xfree86-common

apt-get xlibs

Don’'t worry about messages saying you already have the latest version installed.

(5) Install your java debian package (as root)

dpkg -i ,


dpkg -i sun-j2sdk1.5_1.5.0+update06_i386.deb

(6) Hopefully all will be well. Try typing: java

at the command prompt.

PART B Wildfire on Debian.

(1) Download Wildfire.

(2) Check you have ‘‘alien’’ installed.

(as root) apt-get install alien

(3) Make the wildfire debian package:

fakeroot alien wildfire_2_4_4.rpm (or whatever version it is)

(4) You should now have a package called something like:


in the directory where you ran ‘‘fakeroot alien’’.

(5) Install Wildfire:

(as root) dpkg -i wildfire_2.4.4-2_i386.deb (or whatever the name of your new debian package was).

Hopefully, it all worked and you have an install of Wildfire in /opt/wildfire

Good luck.


Oe thats a good guide !

allready did it with the bin tho :S

Anyways thanks allot !

Alternatively, if you dont want to build the packages yourself, you can check out http://www.debian-unofficial.org/ - They have pre-built packages of the various java’'s out there.

And be careful with upgrades- alien dosnt always get the install scripts in a package right.