Edirectory LDAP groups

Hi- I’m running openfire server 3.4.4 - edirectory 8.8

I’ve so far got everything up and running, ldap works a treat but at the moment it displays all users in the container I’ve selected


I need to be able to disable/enable users and would therefore like to control access to openfire through a group in edirectory (INTRANET_SUPPORT)

I’ve so far had no luck trying to add a search string to step 2of3 ‘user filter’ other than filtering out non user accounts with


I have tried adding cn=INTRANET_SUPPORT in there amongst other things (sorry can’t seem to find the posts referring to them now) but not luck.

I’ve added (cn=INTRANET_SUPPORT) to the group filter field on page 3 which works nicely- the contents of the group is being pulled through without a problem.

My apologies if this has already been resolved but I’ve had a good search on the forum and haven’t found anything that fixes my problem.

I’m open to slightly alternative solutions to this but would prefer access be controlled through this ldap group.

Thanks in advance



Group Field CN


Description field description

Group filter under advanced