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Edit config file breaks Jive

Everytime I edit the jive-messenger.xml file and restart the Jive server it throws a bunch of errors and wants me to reconfigure it again. Is this file not editable with a text editor such as UltraEdit without breaking the server?

Hi Poppa Smurf,

This file is certainly editable.

A few things to do:

1.If you have an xml aware editor it should flag if the xml is valid, you can also use Firefox or IE to verify that you have a valid xml file.

  1. post the errors here, so the problem can be analysed.

Hope that helps,


Hey Smurf,

Make sure that you are not converting the End Of Line characters when saving the file. Changing the EOL character may break the parsing of the file.

For instance, when I edit the file with UltraEdit the server fails to parse the file. But it works if I use Crimson.


– Gato

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Yeah thats exactly what I was doing using UltraEdit to edit the file and it caused the server to blow up. I used WordPad and its ok now. Thanks for the help all.


and i use win32pad. Not a XML editor, but a good replacement for notepad and wordpad. It shows row numbers at least!